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Optimizing Performance and Reliability: Exploring the Versatility of SAF Split Pillow Block Bearings

Durability is vital when choosing bearings and bearing housings for applications which will be used in harsh environments. Ignoring durability can lead to failures, time delays and ultimately additional costs. Taking time to consider the needs of your application as you design will make it successful. You will be making the smart choice when you…

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Troubleshooting LER Rings: Seal Ring Wear

Discover the causes of seal ring wear in SAF pillow blocks and learn how to address them. Optimize performance and increase bearing lifespan.

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Two LER seal rings. A SAF bearing housing rests in the background

The Bearing Application of Retaining Compounds

Find out why it’s important to use retaining compounds in conjunction with mechanical retention methods for secure component assembly.

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Application of a retaining compound to a bearing's inner ring.