Enhancing Maintenance and Performance: Exploring the Benefits of Split Pillow Block Bearings

SAF pillow block bearings are used for heavy-duty and high-load applications that operate at slower speeds. As “the workhorse” of weight capacity, these pillow blocks are notoriously large, and some can accommodate shafts up to and even over a foot in diameter.

Some common applications where SAF pillow block bearings see use:

  • Conveyors
  • Mining applications
  • Ventilation systems
  • Rolling mills
  • Wood industries

With housings made of either cast iron or cast steel, SAF pillow block bearings are extremely durable. They are a great choice for demanding applications operating under extreme temperatures, uneven loads, and harsh working environments.

SAF pillow block bearings are also favored in applications requiring frequent disassembly because of their split block bearing housing. The split block bearing housing, equipped with easily removable caps, makes maintenance, inspections, and component replacement significantly easier than other options.

Additionally, multiple sealing points protect them from debris and contamination, preventing equipment shutdowns and internal damage.

A Diagram of an exploded-view of a split housing SAF bearing unit.

It should be noted that SAF pillow block bearings require a spherical roller bearing that is installed into the housing as opposed to units bought as one piece.

When choosing a SAF pillow block bearing for your application you should take into account:

  • Shaft diameter
  • Shaft height
  • Shaft size
  • Maximum speed
  • Maximus load
  • Environment

Are SAF pillow block bearings right for your application?

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